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Katy Brown


What is our mission as every day citizens of the United States?  The police have a mission of showing up, taking reports and finding the bad guy.  The military have the mission to end the bad guys wherever they may be.  Our mission is to make it home every day!  

Katy is passionate about training others to protect themselves psychologically, emotionally, and physically whether that involves self defense tools or just their brains.  She is a mom and a wife and it is her mission to equip others to better protect themselves in order to make it home at the end of each day.  

She has been trained in physochological techniques, physical un-armed techniques and firearms.  She enjoys not only teaching but also riding ATV's, camping, fishing and skiing with her family.  


Alicia has been shooting since she was young.  She also has a passion for teaching people to be safe in their everyday lives.

Dan has many years of police and military service with the knowledge and strategies to offer a unique experience.

A very dynamic instructor with years of knowledge and research to offer

Paulette has over 20 year military service. She is also a 27 Close Calls Ambassador and has experience in both armed ...